I hate Marketing, and other big shiny things.

The journey to ethically marketing my services in a way that feels good to me.

Katherine Ann Byam — Business Resilience Strategist, Leadership and Career Transition Coach and Founder of Dieple Consulting & Training Limited.

Marketing our Missions

Yet isn’t this what we all want marketing to feel like? No one wants to be forced or pressured into purchasing something, but everyone wants to know there is an appropriate solution out there that absolutely fits what they need!

Photo by Hao Zhang on Unsplash

Case Study: Diamonds.

He wanted to find a way to convince people not to sell these precious gems. He went to a marketing company, who came up with the slogan “Diamonds are forever”. Now one of the most powerful marketing campaigns of all time.

Case Study of Chris, Data Scientist, Former CIO, and My Partner in business and life.

Christophe Nicault — Christophe Nicault (@cnicault) / Twitter

It has taken him just under one year, but in the last month he was included in the top 20 “Data artists to watch” in his Twitter community according to the best of that community.

An individual piece of work from him has attracted more than 30000 impressions, 3000 plus engagements, and a whole bunch of likes and retweets.



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Katherine Ann Byam

Author, activist, coach and consultant for innovation and sustainable change. She’s the founder of Dieple Consulting & Where Ideas Launch.