Did a dictator write your marketing playbook?

The Art & Craft of Behavioural Psychology — and how to know when it’s a tool or a weapon.

The plotline of how to become a tyrant:

This article is my piece de resistance on the way marketing happens in the digital and rapidly evolving world we live in.

Life is empty & meaningless

  • 💚Take care of my parents and loved ones.
  • 💚Build a home.
  • 💚Get to senior management.
  • 💚Complete an MBA.
  • 💚Travel the world.
  • 💛Financially Independent Retire Early (let’s come back to this one, as my perception of retirement has radically changed)
  • 💚Start a business.
  • ❤️Meet a great guy get married, have kids (clearly out of my control)
  • 💛Lose weight. (did it for a while, lost it, did it again, lost it again)

Conclusion : Coaching for Performance and Transformation works

The Sustainability Story

Enter How to be a Tyrant.

Let’s examine what I mean — Here’s the summary I drew out from the tyrant’s playbook.

Have you ever faced such a leader?

Taking a stand

Build your own framework

  1. Stand for something. A mission bigger than yourself, that helps more people.
  2. Accept what you cannot change, and change the things you can — Not new news, but still relevant.
  3. Get emotional intelligence and psychological training, to understand more about people and what they do, and why they do it. Be curious about people. Explore them, because they do reveal themselves to you.
  4. Share your experiences. They are yours to share and aim to be of service.
  5. Collaborate and build communities. As much as we need each of us to show up in our individual uniqueness, we need our work product to help our communities.
  6. Share the journey, good bad and ugly. Let the people decide, no need to manipulate them.



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Katherine Ann Byam

Author, activist, coach and consultant for innovation and sustainable change. She’s the founder of Dieple Consulting & Where Ideas Launch.